Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift didn't make it on the Forbes list by not being swift.

Fri 10 Jun 2011


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Taylor Swift didn't make it on the Forbes list by not being swift. The girl is a smarty pants. This pop-country sensation isn't about to compromise. Aside from her impressive list of conquests (she's been linked to Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer and Taylor Lautner), she's got other things going for her. Namely millions and millions of dollars. She's sat quite comfortably on 2010's list of Forbes' Celebrity 100 right in between Simon Cowell and Miley Cyrus - a nice place to be.

She also writes music, mostly about relationships that are working or have gone sour. Taylor's first album, which was self-titled, went multi-platinum in the US. Her third album, Speak Now, sold over 1 million copies in its first week. (That's really good.)

Taylor started out writing songs at the tender age of ten, when a repairman showed her how to play some chords on the guitar. Her first song was called Lucky You. Taylor used songwriting as an escape from bullies at school - she didn't fit in, so instead wrote songs and poems. From age 11, Taylor played every event she could (baseball games, county fairs, karaoke) until she got signed as a songwriter at 14. 

Taylor's first single, Tim McGraw, was released in 2006 and became a success in the country world. Her first album, which was self-titled, cemented Taylor into the hearts of Americans. Since then, her albums Fearless and Speak Now have been met with success. 

2012 was an outstanding year for Taylor Swift. No only did her song in which she repeatedly declared that she would Never Ever Ever (we forget how many ever's there are) get back together with her mystery man become one of the best selling singles of this decade but her 2012 Album Red has made her the only woman to make over one million first-week sales twice in their career.

Sure, she's known for a few high-profile relationships, but the girl can sing.