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  • 30 min 44 sec
    Whaa? @Liam_Payne and @NiallOfficial say their homes smell of cow poo! Lovely!
  • 1 hour 7 sec
    Watch @charli_xcx perform her massive hit #BoomClap from @TheFaultMovie. BOOM CLAP indeed, Charli!
  • 2 hours 31 min
    .@KendallJenner & @KylieJenner looked amazing at their DuJour mag party! See the cover here:
  • 4 hours 21 min
    .@BritneySpears confirms she's single!
  • 4 hours 31 min
    Happy Friday? Check out this week's Fresh Music Top 20 here:
  • 5 hours 30 min
    @MediaHype2014 @adamhackerhart @RossFiddes @RosieMcGowan1 @LauraAlexandra8 Thanks media hype, we're feeling the love.
  • 5 hours 34 min
    Check out @rihanna's sultry yacht pics: She ain't messin'!
  • 5 hours 37 min
    Ok, that's it for another episode. Tune in this Monday at 5pm for the very last show in the series! *weeps* #YouNews
  • 5 hours 39 min
    Should Calvin & Rita follow Chellce's advice? #BuildABridgeAndGetOverIt #YouNews
  • 5 hours 41 min
    Seeing Les & Ryan at karaoke would be EVERYTHING. Who's with us? #IWillNeverLetYouDown #YouNews
  • 5 hours 43 min
    @ZoeWard1D @joshua_fox Sadly no Joshua this week. But lots of other lovely faces!
  • 5 hours 44 min
    RT @ChellceAJ: Kim K and her "selfish" book LOVE IT!! @4Music if I looked like Kim I'd have selfie wallpaper!!
  • 5 hours 46 min
    Ok, now we really want the Queen to do a follow up... think you can make it happen Ross? #YouNews
  • 5 hours 49 min
    @RosieMcGowan1 @katyperry It might be worth it for the free chips?
  • 5 hours 55 min
    RT @tieganndubz: @4Music #younews Sam Smith would nail the james bond song! He's got the voice of an angel.
  • 5 hours 56 min
    We're (sort of) famous @katyperry - date us? Please? #YouNews
  • 5 hours 56 min
    RT @jordanhyland1: @4Music #younews watching it now:)xxxxx
  • 5 hours 58 min
    Anyone else really want a date with Dave from down the chippy? #YouNews
  • 6 hours 1 min
    Well, if it's anything like this song, we're sure Sam's Bond theme would be BEAUT #YouNews
  • 6 hours 3 min
    Special shout out to Laura's cat this week... #YouNews