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    Watch @shakira opening up about her jealous hunky bf #GerardPique:
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    Watch #4MusicRockTheLook with @Rimmellondonuk now on 4Music or at!
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    .@selenagomez & @justinbieber to tour together? Do you think it's a good idea?:
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    Missed ep.2 of #4MusicRockTheLook with @Rimmellondonuk? Catch it again today at 10:45 am!
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    Check out what super celeb stylists get up to behind the scenes of a shoot!
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    Golden girl @keshasuxx shows off 'eye' hand tat & rainbow hair as she waves goodbye to LA. Are you loving her look?:
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    .@TheVampsband's fans cause chaos at meet & greet. Police threaten to shut down event! Were you there?:
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    .@onedirection have released #YouAndIVideo - eek! Watch it here & let us know what you think:
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    @maddycorti @Harry_Styles we CANNOT WAIT! So exciting! X
  • 21 hours 4 min
    We are loving this Enrique video but we are shaking with excitement about the brand new @onedirection video coming VERY SOON!!! X
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    @charlottewalto1 @onedirection it's on the way VERY soon! X
  • 21 hours 6 min
    @charlottewalto1 @onedirection yes! So excited by Liam's beard that we forgot how to spell! X
  • 21 hours 7 min
    @haribo_hxmmo it's definitely NOT fixed - there's a lot of sums and science involved (too clever for us to understand, obvs) but it's real!
  • 21 hours 12 min
    Who are the most powerful pop stars of the year? View our #PopPowerlist Top 10!
  • 21 hours 12 min
    Not only are we excited about seeing the new @onedirection video - but we're living Liam's beard #dreamy
  • 21 hours 14 min
    @haribo_hxmmo it's the year's most controversial result, right? The girls have had a HUGE year though! X #PopPowerlist
  • 21 hours 15 min
    RT @Mrs_carterbyce: #4musicbeyonce #1 Beyoncé the pop powerlist 2014
  • 21 hours 15 min
    RT @RaeHobbs714: #ThePopPowerList @Beyonce is the most powerful!!! AMAZING!!! xx @4Music
  • 21 hours 16 min
    Silly question... but who the flip is excited about our first look at the new @onedirection video coming up in just a few minutes? (WE ARE!)
  • 21 hours 18 min
    @pandjscurry but it's also part of the reason (a small part, sure) why they score so highly in the #PopPowerlist - all the media coverage X