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    .@KylieJenner recently hit 12million #instagram followers! Celebrate witht this selection of her selfies:
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    .@zachbraff dishes on his first kiss: #cutness
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    .@ProfessorGreen shows us his funny side, in this spoof video to showcase new album #GrowingUpInPublic #MIC :
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    .@TaylorSwift13 has laughed off jibes saying she's like a hip-aunt! Don't worry Tay Tay, we love you:
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    .@Beyonce has been chosen as top fantasy travel partner? Are there any celebs you'd like to go globe-trotting with?
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    Is @kanyewest saying 'look at me' with this new arrow-themed haircut? Surely not!:
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    The deliciously dastardly boys of the #RiotClub hit cinema screens today! Check our review here:
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    The #Scotland #indyref results are in! To celebrate we've compiled a selection of cute men in kilts for you - enjoy!
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    Don't miss your chance to meet the @5SOS boys in LA! Head to for the rules on how to enter!
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    .@JustinBieber has cooked up a storm for @SelenaGomez - romantic! Watch the vid here:
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    Watch @JLo & @IGGYAZALEA's #BOOTY: Who got the lucky job of pouring a vat of oil on JLo?
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    Is @KylieJenner dating @Tyga? Get the deets:
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    It's #MadeInChelsea time! Watch back-to-back eps NOW as the crew hit NYC for super-sized drama!
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    2014 has been a bumper year for celeb babies!! Here are our faves including #RyanGosling & #EvaMendes' newborn:
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    Which megastar had a booty call in Greece yesterday? #Cheeky!
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    The word on everyone's lips tonight is bonnie wee #Scotland! Check out our gallery of famous #Scottish faces here: