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    Watch The Box + Streaming Chart on NOW @4Music. Stream it live here:
  • 1 hour 15 min
    Watch @NeonJungleMusic try the super sour sweet challenge! Reckon they can finish them?
  • 1 hour 47 min
    Guess which celeb is rocking the 'pillow-face' after a long-haul flight? Can you blame them?
  • 2 hours 14 min
    .@SamSmithworld says @OfficialAdele comparisons annoy him!
  • 2 hours 45 min
    Have you seen the @TheDappy's new #BeautifulMe vid yet?! He's back & better than ever!
  • 3 hours 15 min
    .@TaylorSwift13 loves the 'vulnerability' and 'bravery' in @samsmithworld's music! These two!
  • 3 hours 54 min
    Can you guess which popstar is snapped here as an adorable kiddie? Click for full PIC: #sykos
  • 4 hours 44 min
    .@KimKardashian reveals what happened when North West flushed @KanyeWest's phone down the toilet!
  • 5 hours 35 min
    .@onedirection's @Louis_Tomlinson's so crazy about Celeb Big Brother, he wants to go on #CBBOTS!
  • 6 hours 53 min
    This girl sings terribly, so her #cat is left with no other option but ATTACK! Watch the vid:
  • 7 hours 15 min
    .@justinbieber aplogises for 'arrogance' on @TheEllenShow. Watch his video post here:
  • 7 hours 44 min
    First times can be awkward, terrible, hilarious & sometimes awesome! Watch @FifthHarmony dish on theirs:
  • 8 hours 44 min
    .@SamSmithWorld & @TaylorSwift13 are totally in love: As friends. #stillcute
  • 9 hours 45 min
    Fancy seeing @CalvinHarris in #LasVegas? He'll be there for the next THREE YEARS!!
  • 20 hours 22 min
    London Fire Brigade responds to @Calum5SOS' petrol station smoking pic:
  • 20 hours 50 min
    Our fave old soul @SamSmithWorld says "sex is on tap" with gay dating apps, but he's looking for a mysterious love:
  • 21 hours 13 min
    GALLERY: #AgeGapLove in celeb-land: From 12-60 years between them!
  • 22 hours 15 min
    GRAMMY FLASH: Get the latest GRAMMY news on @KanyeWest, @Rihanna, @LadyGaga and more: #GRAMMYs
  • 22 hours 44 min
    VIDEO: @MarlonRoudette on that time he jumped out the window in his pants to escape a fire & landed on a cactus!
  • 23 hours 14 min
    .@RitaOra is set to perform at the #Oscars! Details here: