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    .@ollyofficial was our no-nonsense boss this week! Jokes! See SO MUCH nonsense at! #Olly4Music
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    If you missed #4MusicVideoHonours: The Results, you can watch on Sunday at 5pm and get the & full rankings here:
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    Was your first kiss as good as #BoxUpfront artist @BeckyHill's? Watch her dish on her first times here:
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    Any @5SOS fans out there? Watch their #4MusicVideoHonours acceptance speech on repeat all afternoon here:
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    @heyy_itz_katie_ There's always tomorrow, when we'll be doing it all over again at 5pm! Thanks for watching.
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    RT @marriedtomcvey: I wish the vamps won but well done 1D @4Music #4MusicVideoHonours
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    RT @TheRealBenSelbo: @4Music even guys love this song MIDNIGHT MEMORIES! #4MusicVideoHonours
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    RT @EllieJano: @4Music #4MusicVideoHonours WELL DONE ONE DIRECTION!! SO WELL DESERVED
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    Gaahhhh! Congrats to @onedirection, WINNERS of this year's #4MusicVideoHonours Best Video Award *melts into puddle*
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    RT @claire85knight: @4Music Loving the tunes today #4MusicVideoHonours watching/listening with my hubby keith :)
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    @GabyThwaites Your mum has excellent taste, send her our love!
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    Ok guys, the next one is BIG... #4MusicVideoHonours Best Breakthrough is up next. Who have YOU voted as this year's winner?
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    RT @NiamhxxxM: @4Music you got my heart on over drive!!! This song is my jam #4MusicVideoHonours
  • 3 hours 32 min
    Incidentally, how good is @BeckyHill's vocal on this track? Check out her amazing live performances on in the break
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    Yeh, probably best not to watch this video before bedtime (while eating cheese)... #4MusicVideoHonours #Gecko
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    RT @Sup3rstar02: #4MusicVideoHonours @4Music love this song Chris Brown Slays!!!
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    RT @Jordanelouise_: @4music #4Musicvideohonours I LOVE CHRIS BROWN HE DESERVED TO WIN
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    Big congrats to Chris Brown, winner of this year's #4MusicVideoHonours Best RnB & Dance category! Tune?
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    RT @franallenlala: if I do say so myself, if I do say so myself, Beyoncé and Jay-Z should have won, they are king and queen #4MusicVideoHon…
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    WHO COULD HAVE BEATEN BEYONCE? Send us your predictions for the Best RnB & Dance category winner - revealed soon! #4MusicVideoHonours