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  • 31 min 29 sec
    We hope you lot had a #HappyAustraliaDay! Did you know ALL these celebs were Aussies?
  • 1 hour 36 min
    Get to know rising stars @FifthHarmony in this exclusive interview! #BoxUpfront
  • 2 hours 6 min
    How sweet is @OllyOfficial's #LookAtTheSky track? Watch the video here:
  • 2 hours 33 min
    .@KimKardashian could be the new spokesperson for @KanyeWest's anti-smiling campaign:
  • 3 hours 5 min
    .@SelenaGomez is throwing big hints about her and @Zedd on Instagram: Think they look cute?
  • 3 hours 36 min
    .@EdSheeran had his first ever driving lesson from #TheStig. RT if you wanna teach Ed to drive & see the pic here:
  • 4 hours 5 min
    #HappyAustraliaDay! Check out this adorable vid of a #Scots lad singing AC/DC's All Night Long:
  • 4 hours 9 min
    Do you think #LoveisStrange? Excited to be at the film screening! Review to follow! @LoveIsStrangeUK
  • 4 hours 31 min
    .@kanyewest says smiling isn't cool: What's next - laughing?
  • 5 hours 6 min
    .@NathanSykes reveals he's penned a track about ex girlfriend @ArianaGrande:
  • 6 hours 5 min
    .@KylieJenner slams rumours she's dropped out of school and shares post-graduation plans:
  • 7 hours 6 min
    .@EdSheeran offered @NoelGallagher tickets to his gig after his Wembley rant! Nice or what?
  • 8 hours 6 min
    Is @MileyCyrus hinting at a Hannah Montana comeback here?
  • 9 hours 6 min
    .@LadyGaga shows off some pretty impressive pole dancing skills in this vid! Are you impressed?
  • 10 hours 6 min
    Watch @5SOS' awesome live performance of #GoodGirls live at Derp Con!
  • 10 hours 36 min
    Check out @McBusted taking on the super sour sweet challenge - it's mouthwateringly good! #McBustedMEAT
  • 11 hours 42 min
    Watch @edsheeran's alter ego Ed Sheerchin singing Thinking Out Loud - guaranteed lol:
  • 23 hours 51 min
    .@NICKIMINAJ returns to her poppy past with her next single. Listen here: #TheNightIsStillYoung
  • 1 day 1 hour
    Happy 19th birthday to @Calum5SOS! We explore his beautiful face in photos here:
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    Would you RT literally anything @Harry_Styles says? Check his interesting tweets & RT if #Harry is still your bae: