If you're an N-Dubz fan you know all about Dappy already!

Thu 6 Oct 2011

If you're an N-Dubz fan you know all about Dappy already!

N-Dubz may (or may not) be over but Dappy shows no sign of putting his feet up. 

Releasing his first solo single No Regrets in September 2011, Dappy proved the doubters wrong and went to straight to No 1. 

Dappy is keen for people to see a more mature side of him now he's grown up, he told the Daily Star: "People have this image of me from N-Dubz that we're just for the youngsters, but now I can show I'm not just this t**t who was a naughty boy growing up - I'm a great musician with a unique sound." 

Clearly taking things seriously, Dappy has pushed his album back to ensure he has best songs possible on it. Though he just missed the top spot with Rockstar, charting at a more than respectable No 2, Dappy has been extremely vocal about accepting nothing but No 1. 

Dappy has gone on to release his first solo studio album Bad Intentions and have Top 20 success with hits Come With Me and Good Intentions and recently confirmed that the final single to be released from the album will be a collaboration with The Wanted near the end of 2012.

The N-Dubz star is making it on his own, and doing so in style. Dappy, we salute you!