Florence + the Machine

4Music brings you some totally random facts about Florence and the Machine...

Thu 9 Jun 2011

Ah, Florence. On paper, she shouldn't have worked: weird, folksy pop was not the done thing in 2009. Yet, Florence & the Machine has gone on to become one of the biggest acts in music and lauded by critics and fans alike. 

The band's debut album Lungs was released in July 2009, and in January 2010 it finally reached No.1 after being on the chart for twenty-eight consecutive weeks. Follow-up album Ceremonials was released in October 2011, debuting at No.1. 

Redhead Flo has caught the attention of the fashion and creative elite, seeing her bag the cover of British Vogue in January 2011, and working with acclaimed photographer David LaChapelle.  

Proving she's not all Rabbit Heart (Raise Me Up), Florence scored a No.1 with Spectrum (Say My Name) thanks to a remix from Calvin Harris. 

In August 2012, Welch told Style magazine that she plans to take a year's break before starting work on the band's next studio album, stating, "There's a big 'take a year off' plan. The record company have put no pressure on me for the next album. They've said I can have as long as I want." Just don't take too long, eh, Flo?