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Lana Del Rey

From internet phenomenon to real world sensation

Thu 1 Dec 2011

The sultry New Yorker became an internet star after her homemade music video for Video Games notched up millions of hits on Youtube. The hype machine quickly went into overdrive as Lana Del Rey's EPs reached the Top 5 of the US iTunes Albums Chart only hours after their release.

The inevitable backlash kicked in after a dodgy SNL performance that had fans and critics questioning their allegiance to the chanteuse. Questions were also raised over how genuine Lana's persona was (and her lips), seeing as she was previously an artist under the name Lizzie Grant. 

Her album Born to Die received largely favourable reviews, however. The Observer summed the tone of the album by saying that "Lana Del Rey's partying is fuelled by a knowing sadness, and sung in that laconic, hypnotic voice, which ultimately saves this thoroughly dissolute, feminist nightmare of a record for the romantics among us." 

Del Rey has revealed that she recently bought back the rights to her flop 2010 album and will re-release it in this summer.