Lucie Cave

Editor of Heat magazine

Thu 5 Apr 2012

Lucie Cave knows absolutely everything there is to know about showbiz gossip and celebrity scandal. She is the Editor of Heat magazine and here is what she had to say on the current situation of the pop world:

Who do you think is the most powerful person in Pop?

Simon Cowell. Everyone quakes in his presence - and only
someone that powerful could get away with ironed on hair and still ooze cool.

What main elements constitute power in today’s pop

Wealth, charisma and flippin loads of followers on

How has power in pop changed over the last few years?

Social media can make a band or an artist - look at people
like Justin Bieber who was launched to stratospheric levels of fame through a
few appearances on you tube - his following made him. You can make it overnight merely through Internet buzz alone.

Does power still come hand in hand with fame?

Yes - if you're powerful and influential you will by very
nature be famous.

How important is knowing how to play the media in
gathering power?

Incredibly important - knowing how to get the media excited
about your act/music is all part of the game. Hitting the headlines means people
are talking about you - and when people are talking about you, our power

The Powerlist is based on the UK market. How do you think
home-grown acts will fair against the global competition?

This year the UK seems to be getting bigger and bigger in
terms of global recognition. Acts like One Direction and The Wanted have really
helped catapult the UK to a higher place in the power league. We're serious

What sort of thing could a popstar do that would be
guaranteed to get your readers gossiping?

In order to be truly powerful in terms of fame - a popstar
needs to have an interesting personal life as well as hit records. Looking the
part isn't enough - you need to be naughty, have something interesting or
controversial to say - and have a colourful love life with someone else famous
(hello Harry Styles and Caroline Flack).

A lot of pop artists love to splash the cash - what’s the
most lucrative display of power you’ve ever been witness to/heard of?

Jay-Z getting Beyonce a $1 million Rolls Royce convertible
for her 25th bday was quite something.

You’ve met some of the biggest names in showbiz, what are
the giveaway signs of power?

Botox, ridiculously white teeth, a tan, shades when it's
night-time, a bouncer and a Rolex watch...

If you were gifted the power of Beyonce for one day, how
would you exploit it?

I think I'd just be so obsessed with my amazing booty, I'd
just keep wiggling it in the mirror and forget I only had it for a day...

If someone wanted to get to the top in the world of pop,
what one piece of advice would you give them?

Date someone more famous than you, make a controversial pop
video to get everyone talking and have Simon Cowell's number on speed dial.

Name one person who won’t be on the list who you think
should be.

Gareth Gates. I miss him...

Who do you think is going to place higher? 

Jedward or Gary Barlow? GARY BARLOW 

The Wanted or One Direction? ONE DIRECTION

Lady Gaga or Katy Perry? LADY GAGA