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Maroon 5

Maroon 5 make it hard for us to breathe

Fri 2 Sep 2011

Our love affair with Maroon 5 began way back in 2004, when their breakthrough track Harder to Breathe leapt its way into the UK charts. But don’t be fooled! It’s a taste of success that was a long time coming for the US rockers, having formed nearly a decade earlier as students at Brentwood School (that’s Brentwood Los Angeles, not Essex - just to clarify).

Despite the long wait, things quickly snowballed for lady-magnet Adam Levine and co, thanks in no small part to their No.1 debut, Songs About Jane (apparently she wasn’t a keeper); an album so great, it produced a string of unforgettable hits worldwide. Not convinced? Try This Love, She Will Be Loved and the laid back Sunday Morning on for size. See? That’s a muffin basket you owe us.

Now on their third album, they've won a clutch of Grammys, hooked up with pop megastar Rihanna and toured with everyone from Jason Mraz to The Rolling Stones, the Maroon 5 boys are well established and feeling confident. Which may explain why Adam chose to bypass the wardrobe department during filming of their latest offering, ‘Moves Like Jagger’. “Who needs clothes?!” we presume he cried. We couldn’t agree more Adam…

By Felicity Counsell