Matt Edmondson

Matt Edmondson is a 4Music fave

Fri 30 Mar 2012

Matt Edmondson is a 4Music fave

Matt Edmondson was born in Portsmouth on the 27 December 1985 and at 27-years-old, you may think the baby-faced presenter is at the beginning of his career.

However, Matt's got plenty of experience under his belt. In fact, you may have seen him as a reporter for daytime show Richard and Judy in 2002 or even heard his voice on the telly during CBBC. 

Matt also worked as an interviewer for the likes of Holy Moly TV, while building up his presenting experience, co-presenting coverage shows for major festivals such as the Isle Of Wight Festival 2008, T in The Park 2009  and iTunes Festival 2010.

Matt's experience doesn't stop there, as in 2010 he joined Fearne Cotton's Radio 1 show and never looked back. He's now become a permanent fixture on the radio station and has been nominated for a for a Sony Award in the process.

Matt's talent also reaches to writing, producing and online, with a plethora of hilarious YouTube videos under his belt.

He's clearly talented and knows loads about music and showbiz, so who better than Matt to present our Pop Powerlist 2013

Tune into The Pop Powerlist on this Bank Holiday Friday from 11am.

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Read our interview with Matt about what it takes to be powerful in music below...

Who do you think is the most powerful person in Pop?
It’s between Lady Gaga and Adele. Or Jay-Z. Or Beyonce. I have no idea.

What elements do you think make up power in the world of pop?
Surely the answer is hair. How else could you explain Justin Bieber?

How has power in pop changed over the last few years?
With social networks on the rise I think popstars have even more power over their followers.

Which artist is the most requested/popular on your radio show and what do you think their appeal is?
One Direction. Their fans are militant. I think a radio station that exclusively played them would do well. 

The Powerlist is based on the UK market. How do you think home-grown acts will fair against the global competition?
I think we’ll do well – I think this year Adele has made it the year of the British artist.

How important is radio when it comes to putting power into popstars hands?
Quite powerful I think! If you get play listed it means you can get heard by a wide audience. It can make or break acts. 

Sometimes a popstar’s power goes to their head – what’s the craziest demand a popstar has ever made on a show you’ve worked on?
Alexandra Burke demanded her dog Alfie be present during an interview. It pissed on the floor.

Making it big in pop isn’t easy – what do you think makes the big players in pop stand out from the rest?
They never get lazy. Popstars work very, very hard.

Which new artist is generating the most excitement on radio at the moment?
Stooshe are forever getting played. I think they’ll do well.

If someone wanted to get to the top in the world of pop, what one piece of advice would you give them?
Write a good song.

Name one person who won’t be on the list who you think should be.
Peter Andre

Who do you think is going to place higher?
Jedward or Gary Barlow? Jedward
The Wanted or One Direction? One Direction
Lady Gaga or Katy Perry? Lady Gaga