Misha B

Will the X Factor star top the charts?

Will the X Factor star top the charts?

Each year, The X Factor gives us a contestant who really stands out amongst the rest, and in 2011 it was Misha B.

Though Misha belted her way through the auditions, impressed at bootcamp and smashed it at judges houses, she still found herself regularly in the bottom two during the live shows. Eventually, she finished fourth in the competition.

However, the disappointment of not making it to the X Factor final is clearly not getting Misha down. She's now back with a hugely promising solo career ahead of her. It hasn't however, always been an easy life for the singer.

Hailing from Manchester, Misha was born to single mother Florence on the 10th February 1992, but was cared for by her aunt from the age of three months, when her mother admitted she couldn't cope. 

Misha has cited her Aunt Lily as her hero and says singing was always a way of dealing with her situation in life.

Under Kelly Rowland's wing on The X Factor, Misha grew with every performance she gave. Since then, she's shown her determination and grit, working hard in the studio producing her debut album. She is leaving her past behind her, ready to start a fresh chapter in life.

With a powerful voice and a stand-out style to match, this pint-sized singer is now staking her claim on the UK music scene.

Will she score a hit with her new single Home Run? Watch this space.