The story behind N-Dubz

Wed 1 Jun 2011

Real name Tula Contostavlos, Tulisa brings the glamour to the group. 

  • Tulisa's mother Ann Byrne, was also in a band in the 80s called Jeep along with her three sisters
  • Her Dad was in 70s pop group Mungo Jerry along with Dappy's dad
  • She is an only child but is cousins with Dappy
  • Tulisa grew up caring for her mother who was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder (a mental illness) when she was a baby
  • After a tough childhood when she self-harmed, she joined Dappy and Fazer at their secondary school
  • She was originally a solo performer
  • The talented vocalist began writing songs at the tender age of nine
  • Tulisa says her favourite part about being in a group is performing live
  • She was hospitalised in 2009 with suspected Swine Flu, however it turned out she was suffering from exhaustion
  • Tulisa played the role of Laurissa (a cocaine addict who is in pop group The Fam and gets abused by her manager and boyfriend 'Prangers', played by Ricci Harnett) in the TV series Dubplate Drama
  • In 2009, Contostavlos turned down a £250,000 offer to pose nude for Playboy magazine on moral grounds
  • The stunner was named at number 15 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World list in May 2010 (in fact the poll is now on for 2011 so vote for her!

  • Richard 'Fazer' Rawson is mainly the producer of N-Dubz music plus he masters recordings in-studio. Here's a few more facts about him...

    • Fazer was born to a Jamaican mother and an English father, and was brought up in Camden, London
    • He was close friends with Dappy at school
    • Fazer admits he was poorly behaved at school as a teenager
    • Fazer, Dappy and Tulisa originally called themselves Lickle Rinsers Crew and then NW1 (the postcode for Camden) but eventually what we all know them as now - N-Dubz
    • Fazer loved music from a young age and produced music using his school's resources
    • In 2009 he was banned from driving for six months and Tulisa teases him as although she's younger she passed her driving test before him. She says he has: 'no sense of direction and some crazy driving skills'.
    • He's never admitted to how many times he's failed his driving test!
    • Fazer and Dappy were hauled off a flight to London in January 2009 'disorderly behaviour'
    • The family-minded Fazer thinks that young people spend too much money on their image and should give more back to their parents
    • He loves fishing!

    Dappy's stage name rolls off the tongue far more easily than his real name which is Costas Dinos Contostavlos - which is Greek by the way. Want to know a bit more about the N-Dubz rapper? Well here you are:

    • Dappy was born and raised in Camden, London
    • He was expelled for truancy from his Roman Cathlic boys-only secondary school - naughty boy!
    • Dappy met Fazer at karate lessons when he was 9, after that they became best friends at school
    • Dappy's dad Byron, was also a pop star with 1970s band Mungo Jerry, and Dappy said he was the 'inspiration behind the band'
    • Dappy was born on 11th June 1987 and is therefore a Gemini
    • Sadly Dappy's dad passed away and Dino had the words 'RIP Dad' tattooed on his neck
    • The group called their debut album Uncle B as tribute to his Dad as this is what he liked to call him
    • He's reported to be good friends with Chris Moyles and Tinchy Stryder (who he released single Number 1 with)
    • Dappy and Tulisa are cousins
    • He has two sons with Kaye Vassell, Gino and Milo
    • Unfortunately for Dappy fans who support Tottenham, Dappy is a massive Arsenal fan