Nelly Furtado

The goods on Nelly Furtado

Tue 14 Jun 2011

Canadian Nelly Furtado was brought up by her Portuguese parents in Victoria, B.C., where she became acquainted with the laid back trip hoppy R ‘n’ B scene. She released Whoa! Nelly in 2000, followed by Folklore (2003), Loose (2006) and Mi Plan (2009).

Mi Plan, was her first album (and only, we hope - because we don't understand!) sung completely in Spanish. Nelly also speaks fluent Portuguese and she performed her single Força (meaning "strength" or "carry on") at the 2004 European Football Championship final – it was the official tournament anthem.

Nelly, who shares her birthday (2 December) with Miss Britney Spears, has a daughter, Nevis, who was born in 2003.

Since the release of her first album, she has produced five studio albums, won numerous awards including two Grammys and has made being a Maneater a very sexy thing!

Her latest album, The Spirit Indestructible dropped in September 2012 but mixed reviews meant the album peaked at No.46 in the UK album Chart. Despite this she continues to wow fans across the globe with her strong vocal performance and her uber sex appeal!