Robbie Williams

The cheeky-chappie with rather raucous tendencies. Ladies and gentlremen, it's Robbie Williams.

Thu 19 May 2011

From the fat dancer in Take That, to the UK’s biggest-selling stadium-filling multi-award-winning pop god, to a virtual recluse who allegedly likes to chew the fat with aliens, to his triumphant return to Take That – the life of Robbie Williams has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride.


From tender beginnings of a Take That number 38, ahem,’hit' - complete with tight lycra shorts and bottom-wiggling dance routines - Robbie worked his way into the hearts and onto the bedroom walls of the nation’s pop girls and boys alike.


Each one of us could probably chart the key moments of our tender years against Rob’s succession of pop gems across a 20-year-period (Gosh, we didn’t know he was that old). Aside from the ‘That’s hits, we had Angels, Millennium, No Regrets, Strong, She’s The One, Rock DJ, Supreme – we could go on, but we need to stop typing for a while and have a really long lie down.


Robbie had a rocky few years, with 2006’s Rudebox gaining a tepid response and Rob running off to America. However, towering above the ego, the drugs, the girls and the drink, it's the quality of the music that should stand as Robbie's legacy. He then returned to the UK and his eighth album, Reality Killed The Video Star, was released. 


When Take That returned, all was forgiven. The fans voted with their purses and made a lot of Progress (get it? GET IT??). Though this was a short lived reward for fans, Robbie and Gary went on to record their duet Shame and the friendship seems to be standing the test of time for the minute.


Take the Crown is his latest solo album and with it, he is once again dominating the single and album charts across Europe. Robbie, it's good to have you back!