Victoria Beckham

Once upon a time, she used to sing for a living.

Mon 13 Jun 2011

Victoria Beckham: Queen of WAGS, fashioner design and wife of hottie David Beckham. Oh, and once upon a time she used to sing for living. Born in Essex, little Victoria dreamed of fame specifically the movie Fame - and enrolled in a performing arts school studying dance and modelling.

Her big break came in 1994 after following an audition notice in The Stagenewspaper, for a new girl group. You may have heard of them, they were called "the Spice Girls".

With the release of their chart-topping debut album, Victoria was dubbed Posh Spice and a phenomenon was born. Riding high, Victoria met a young football superstar named David Beckham. He was famous and rich and pretty, just like her. They were a perfect match, and before you could say media frenzy, the two were married, and "Posh & Becks" was born.

When band-mate Geri Halliwell chucked a wobbly and left the band, the Spice Girls eventually called it a day and Victoria looked to the future, which included the inevitable solo career (but the less said about that the better, really).

By now, "Posh & Becks" had become pop cultural icons, appearing on red carpets and ad campaigns around the world which lead Victoria to her new love fashion.

Victoria started designing with a small collection for Rock & Republic 2004, walked the catwalk for Roberto Cavalli in 2006 and acted as Fashion Editor for Harpers Bazaar. A range of eyewear, a denim line and a fragrance soon followed. Then the cover of Vogue, a hilarious ad campaign for Marc Jacobs, a quick reunion tour with the Spice Girls and in 2008 the launch of her very own, critically acclaimed fashion line.

And somewhere in there, she found the time to give birth to and raise three sons. Now she's got a little girl on the way.

Well done Vic!

Enjoy a blast from the past...