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  • 4 hours 29 min
    Hey guys! We're on @Snapchat! official.4music orrr you can add us via our snazzy profile pic Snapcode!
  • 7 hours 33 min
  • 22 hours 14 min
    .@zaynmalik's new album Mind Of Mine to drop on 1 year anniversary of leaving 1D
  • 1 day 10 sec
    Turns out @KimKardashian and @kanyewest are pretty nifty with the old spray can >>
  • 1 day 6 hours
    Err, so Joey from Friends is gonna be a presenter on Top Gear! Yep...
  • 1 day 7 hours
    Happy #friendsday everyone!
  • 2 days 7 sec
    So he's not a fan of interviews but we're loving @zaynmalik's diva moments!Here's our faves
  • 2 days 14 min
    You know what time it is! #vote4music is on! Tweet us what you want to see
  • 2 days 17 min
    D’awww! Zayn has just made his relationship with Gigi OFFICIAL in a radio interview. Those guys…
  • 2 days 1 hour
    Get your mug on 4Music! Tweet us your 10sec video review of the @LittleMix & @jasonderulo 'Secret Love Song' vid using #TrendingLive. Go!
  • 2 days 2 hours
    Get ready! #TrendingLive will be with you at 4pm! Start tweeting us now & we might read it out on air ;)
  • 2 days 3 hours
    .@JKCorden snuggling up to @coldplay's Chris Martin in bed - GENIUS >>
  • 2 days 4 hours
    @ZynthiaWeezie Preeaccch!
  • 2 days 4 hours
  • 2 days 4 hours
    #BeforeFacebookI no one cared that you just had a workout... FYI they still don't, so stop taking selfies...
  • 2 days 4 hours
    @paulhenson50 @Rihanna it's on Feb the 24th!
  • 3 days 6 sec
    Wanna see @kanyewest perform his new album in its entirety next week?? Deets here >>
  • 3 days 2 hours
    Hands up if you're tuned into #TrendingLive right NOW! Keep talking to us, we like it...
  • 3 days 2 hours
    RT @hi_jimmy: Hey! We're on telly now! @4Music 4-6 with THIS guy #TrendingLive
  • 3 days 3 hours
    What's this: Jay Z @S_C_ sues @RitaOra back?!