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  • 1 hour 54 min
    .@jlo & @GeriHalliwell BOTH have something to say about @zaynmalik's departure from @onedirection!
  • 14 hours 54 min
    .@KimKardashian goes back to black! See her new (old) do here!
  • 15 hours 9 min
    Love @ptsofficial helping us welcome in the weekend with beautiful music @O2Islington #newmusic #checkitout
  • 15 hours 54 min
    Happy Birthday @JessieJ! Celebrate by checking out some of Jessie's most impressive pouts here: #Puckerup!
  • 16 hours 23 min
    Check out this week's Fast Track from @Meghan_Trainor! #DearFutureHusband
  • 17 hours 23 min
    Do "just good friends" kiss? Well it seems @jlo & @BEAUcasperSMART do as they're caught doing just that!
  • 17 hours 54 min
    .@MariahCarey's back in a sling for her birthday today! See her previous #blingslings here: #HappyBirthdayMariah
  • 18 hours 53 min
    Happy Birthday @Fergie! Did you know she used to date @jtimberlake? See more SHOCKING former celeb couples here:
  • 19 hours 24 min
    Do these pics confirm @taylorswift13 & @CalvinHarris romance? Reportedly Taylor's "smitten"! #matchingoutfits
  • 19 hours 54 min
    Watch @Mcbusted dedicate a performance of to their friend @CJHardman, following his tragic death:
  • 20 hours 28 min
    .@KatyPerry fans saw double when this lookalike Katy Cat dressed up as her! FULL PIC:
  • 21 hours 24 min
    .@Real_Liam_Payne tries to reassure #Directioners with this long & heartfelt message about @zaynmalik's departure:
  • 22 hours 6 min
    We're looking for mega fans for a new 4music show...Email:
  • 22 hours 22 min
    To celebrate @MariahCarey's birthday today - watch her #carKaraoke with @JKCorden here! #Genius #HappyBirthdayMariah
  • 23 hours 24 min
    Lidl #slay with this @ZaynMalik tweet! Is it too soon to be making jokes like this? #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik
  • 23 hours 31 min
    Cheers @DawBell & @MingIces for the latest #festival scoop! So excited for @blurofficial @IsleOfWightFest! #summer
  • 1 day 24 min
    .@kanyewest hires personal pap to take mass of pics of him & @kimkardashian. Says some "will go down in history"!
  • 1 day 1 hour
    .@zaynmalik's first interview since leaving @onedirection! Talks his ex-bandmates' reaction & gf #PerrieEdwards here:
  • 1 day 2 hours
    .@MileyCyrus shares pics of her suffering after wisdom teeth removal. Warning: Gross pic of actual bloody teeth!
  • 1 day 13 hours
    RT @GrneydJerseygrl: @4Music @JoshMurray81 nothing wrong with big guys...they can protect u in a bar fight and take u home and put u in a p…