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  • 4 hours 50 min
    .@LittleMix have dropped their geek-tastic #BlackMagic vid & we LOVE it! WATCH: #Mixers
  • 22 hours 39 min
    EXCLUSIVE VID: So @LunchmoneyLewis just admitted he wees in the shower... #BOSS
  • 1 day 1 hour
    It's time for @samsmithworld v @edsheeran: Tweet To Beat! Vote for your fave using #4MusicSam or #4MusicEd!
  • 1 day 2 hours
    .@asvpxrocky explains his not-so-nice lyrics about @RitaOra:
  • 1 day 4 hours
    So @ChrisBrown's apologised to @TysonCBeckford for his Twitter shade...
  • 1 day 21 hours
    Ever wondered what @EllaEyre's biggest phobia is? Watch our exclusive vid:
  • 1 day 22 hours
    Louis Walsh gives @Grimmers #XFactor advice & we line up our faves to judge the show:
  • 2 days 2 hours
    CRINGEFEST: #Directioners - check out @Real_Liam_Payne's holiday karaoke HERE:
  • 2 days 4 hours
    What do super-hot models get up to on vacay? See official evidence from @KendallJenner & co-->
  • 2 days 4 hours
    Are you excited to hear music from @ddlovato & @nickjonas' #SafehouseRecords label? READ MORE:
  • 2 days 22 hours
    .@LittleMix's #Perrie explains why she's not ready to marry @zaynmalik...
  • 2 days 23 hours
    What can @LunchMoneyLewis not do without? Settle down for a little game of #LifeEssentials ->
  • 2 days 23 hours
    If you loved #Buffy you will LOVE these cute @alydenisof & @SarahMGellar catch-up pics:
  • 3 days 1 hour
    It's time for @ArianaGrande v @TaylorSwift13: Tweet To Beat! Vote for your fave using #4MusicAriana or #4MusicTaylor!
  • 3 days 1 hour
    Hey remember when @JustinBieber made every1 swoon with a casual cover of @BoyzIIMen? Watch it:
  • 3 days 2 hours
    #Katycats - someone described @katyperry as "tiny and fragile"? RT if you don't agree! MORE:
  • 3 days 23 hours
    If you haven't seen it yet STOP what you're doing & watch @taylorswift13's epic #BadBlood vid:
  • 4 days 1 hour
    Do you think this is what the stars are probably/maybe doing this #BankHolidayWeekend:
  • 4 days 4 hours
    Tune! Summer's a-comin' so get in the mood w/ a live sesh of this smooth track from @ShiftK3y
  • 4 days 23 hours
    .@EdSheeran has added a notch to his adorbs-o-meter with this cute duet with #Kermit for #RND: