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Labrinth reunited with Tinie Tempah on this earth-shattering hit

Tue 13 Dec 2011

17) Labrinth feat. Tinie Tempah – Earthquake

Labrinth hooked up with his old pal Tinie Tempah on this earth-shattering hit

It's a bold move to begin a track with the line: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is something they call a ground-breaker", but Labrinth's 2011 hit Earthquake managed to live up to this claim.

Seemingly incorporating every genre ever invented (including an acapella bit that sounds like it's being sung by monks), the track became an instant smash, reaching No.2 on the UKHot40 and cementing the 22-year-old singer, songwriter and producer's place as a musical force to be reckoned with.

The video is every bit as special too. While it probably wasn't much fun to film (much of it was shot against a green screen), the finished product boasts some pretty snazzy graphics and is probably the slickest pop promo we've seen by a UK act all year. 

Our fave bit? When Lab and his two clones dress up like Jedis. We wonder if Obi-Wan Kenobi ever got his outfit back?

Labrinth impresses at Earthquake single launch

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