Kardashian Komedy

The funniest family ever?

Sun 8 Apr 2012

Kardashian Komedy

this is a sad day! The 4Music spectacular that has saluted all the fabulousness
of Calabasas’ First Family is coming to an end. 

Over the past six weeks you
have seen Kim losing in love, Khloe attacking all and sundry, Kourt dealing
with Scott, Kris stamping her foot as the matriarch, and all the mad moments in
between. As a treat, we are ending on a high note with the best Kardashian
Komedy moments, chosen by you.

Come on Kardashionites, you all remember Botox & Cigarettes where
Kim, at the ripe old age of 29, decided to have her eye wrinkles zapped by
Botox.  The direct result being a massive
allergic reaction that made her look like a panda! 

Then there was I Want Your
Sex, where Khloe made a love/sex tape for Lamar. Funny actions, wouldn’t you
say, for a divorcing couple?

My personal
favourite, which I will forever hold dear to my heart and funny bone, is Wax
On Wax Off. That image of Khloe getting a burning and scarring DIY bikini wax
from Kourtney will forever bring tears streaming down my face. Let it be a
lesson to all you ladies out there, never scrimp on personal grooming.

Well the votes
are in and your chosen episodes are ready to hit 4Music at 9 tonight. It pains
me that I can’t offer up further themes for your voting and viewing pleasure,
but don’t go too far Kardashionites, our Kardash-a-thon could be
back very soon. 

In fact, why don’t you get in touch with the themes you’d like to
see in the future? Come on you Calabasas lovers, get involved. Tweet us @4Music or Facebook
us at 4Music
– I’m ready and waiting to hear from you. Adios for now fellow lovers of

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