Kardashians Go Krazy

They are gorgeous, filthy rich and hilariously funny

Sun 1 Apr 2012

They are gorgeous,
filthy rich, intelligent and drive cars that could easily outdo my Fiat Punto

The Kardashians (as I have been saying all along) are truly fabulous! I think we can all agree, Kardashionites, the first family of Calabasas (and
arguably America) sure love a bit of drama. From Kim’s Kar Krash love life to
Kris taking Kontrol of everyone’s lives, my surrogate family are never short of

Whether caused by sibling friction or someone outside of the family,
the Kardashians don’t let drama die easily and they all love that centre stage.
Couple the theatrics with their riches and every member of the household know
how to go a little Krazy!

Let’s cast our minds
back to the very early days when the sisters leave their step brother, Brody
Jenner, at home with little sisters Kendall and Kylie to go to a Girls Gone
Wild photoshoot. That little escapade resulted in Bruce flying to Mexico to
lay down the law. Then when Kourtney first hit Miami, she was so determined to
have fun, she went on a boy crazy rampage, where no hot-blooded male was safe! Later
as Kim turned 30 in Vegas, she got a fabulous suite, a club shut down
exclusively for her and she even had Kelly Rowland attend! When the family get
going, they go all out!

In the past week, Kim
has been flour bombed at her own perfume launch and there are rumours she is buying
the Beckham's £18 million UK home
. My girls don’t do anything by halves! Extravagant
splurges, drunken shenanigans, arguments, fights and even birth control issues,
all the Kardashians Go Krazy.

Let’s just face facts, we all love a bit of drama. If the Kardashians entered the Olympics, I’m sure they'd take the gold for kraziness!  

To celebrate their madness, tonight at 9pm, 4Music presents the family in their best melodramatic moments with your
top voted for episodes. Maybe I’ll spend my 30th in Vegas
with a beer keg and designer outfit… or maybe not! A boy can dream, though. Don’t forget to vote for next Sunday’s theme, Kardashian Komedy.

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