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Fri 20 Apr 2012

Hello 4Music! Nathan here. Well, where to

We've just got home from a month long trip to the US
which has been crazy. Some of the things
we’ve done in that time is just incredible. We performed in Las Vegas at Spring
Break, on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and of course American Idol, which was
an experience.  Meeting Steven Tyler and
Randy Jackson was cool but my favourite judge has to be Jennifer Lopez.  She was just so lovely. We were invited to a
party she was throwing that night so we all went along. She came and sat with
us, just chatting away for ages.  So not
only is she beautiful she’s lovely with it! 

The Wanted party with Jennifer Lopez at Spring Break 

We also went over to Toronto for a couple of days - so
many fans came to meet us at the airport it was insane.

In the last couple of weeks we've mainly been in LA where
we just shot our brand new video for Chasing The Sun. it was a long shoot &
we filmed right through the night so there were a lot of tired eyes by the time
we wrapped but it was all worth it, we've just seen the edit and we're really
happy with it.  You’ll be able to see it
soon promise!  We also did a photoshoot
for our 2013 calendar which went really well and of course not forgetting The
Voice. We performed Chasing The Sun for the first time and it was absolutely

We also had a rare couple of days off so I spent time in
the studio working on some new tracks, whilst Max, Tom, Jay and Siva all went
to Universal studios…guess who got the short straw there!

I also turned the grand old age of 19 on Wednesday and
had an extended birthday because of the time difference. And what a birthday it
was. We did The Voice during the day and then the boys threw me a surprise
party at the Playboy Mansion and we met the ultimate playboy Hugh Heffner. It
was surreal to say the least but we had a great night. Here's a pic of me from
that night with a new friend…

Nathan poses with his feathered friend at the Playboy Mansion 

We’re home in the UK for a flying visit and then return
to America next week for the release of our EP, but don’t worry, we’ll be back
home very soon and you’ll be able to see us perform Chasing The Sun on British
TV before you know it!

See you soon,

Nathan x

Join us next Friday when another member of The Wanted takes over the blog.

Hugh Hefner partied with The Wanted

The Wanted perform new single on The Voice