Jennifer Lawrence was Josh Hutcherson’s first movie makeout

Josh was “shocked” by snog

Sat 16 Nov 2013

Josh Hutcherson was “shocked” by JLaw snog

Jennifer Lawrence was Josh Hutcherson’s first movie make-out.

The pair co-star in the Hunger Games movie franchise, based on the best-selling novels by Suzanne Collins.

While the pair have heaped praise on each other on red carpets around the world, Josh admits on set he had some major nerves when it came to playing the Oscar winner’s love interest, Peeta Mellark.

"I haven't had any bad ones," Josh told CNN. The 21-year-old then turned to Jennifer and blushed: "You're my first real big kiss in a movie."

"Really?" she replied. "Oh my God, was I gentle?"

"It was a little abrasive, if I'm being honest. A little shocking,” he confessed, while Jennifer agreed it got “very slobbery” on set.

The actress, who plays heroine Katniss Everdeen in the survival drama, was full of flattery for her co-star, however.

"We're great together. We can really kiss,” the 23-year-old said. “I’ve had a couple of bad ones.”

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Jennifer also admitted she’s been overwhelmed by the success of the franchise.

When last year’s first Hunger Games was released, the star said she tried to pick up groceries at Whole Foods but was soon reminded of her celebrity status.

"[Whole Foods] had to call the police and I had to go down the cargo elevator and I was crying. And I saw my ex-boyfriend there and he's like, 'How's your life?' And I was like, 'Really bad.' It was the worst," she recalled.

Jennifer also said she is grateful for the opportunities she’s had. She acknowledged, however, that sometimes fans might catch her acting a little grumpy.

"Sometimes I'm nice, sometimes I'm in a bad mood. Like if I'm at dinner and I'm eating and somebody wants me to stand up and take a picture - that's actually helped with my anxiety, knowing that I don't have to say yes and I can say no," she explained. "It is hard because you don't want to feel rude, but at the same time, I have to defend my life and my mental wellness."

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is scheduled for US release November 22.

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