4music.com interviews Rizzle Kicks

Or rather the cheeky duo quiz each other

Fri 6 Apr 2012

Or rather the cheeky duo quiz each other

Yesterday we brought you an amazing Rizzle Kicks acoustic take on Traveller's Chant. Today we've got an exclusive 4music.com interview with them for you.

In fact the guys are given the task of interviewing each other, armed with the tricky questions we've put together. They rise to the occasion and come up with some pretty good answers. That's in-between giggling and playing around with the camera on a stick.

We find out why they think Olly Murs would rather travel with Sylvester than Jordan. But would Sylvester rather travel with Olly than Jordan? Jordan tells us about a prank he played on a school mate and the pair giggle about what they do to irritate each other.

They talk about dates, 4Music, um, Caroline Flack and are clearly enjoying messing around with the mini camera they were given. Oh, and in the background you get to see a glimpse of what it's like in the all-singing, all-dancing 4Music office... We rock!

Check out the interview above and let us know what you think in the comments below...

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