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Catching up with Cascada

Sun 18 Apr 2010

Since 2004, Cascada have sold over 20 million albums, won a
World Music Award and, last year, went to No. 1 with Evacuate the Dancefloor.
After touring the globe and supporting Britney Spears, Cascada are now back
with a new single. Frontwoman Natalie tells us all about it and why the dance
act has gone pop… 

So, you’re back with a
new single called Pyromania…

If you see the video, you’ll see it’s about the heat in
someone. There’s a bit of a sexy undertone, I guess. The typical meaning is the
love of fire and to be obsessed with it, but it’s a bit of word play. 

It sounds a lot
poppier than what we’ve heard from you before.

Since Evacuate the Dancefloor, we’ve gone in a slightly more
pop direction. We’ve tried to combine it with our typical dance sound so I
still see it as dance music. We’ve just brought it down a few bpm! I’m enjoying
that as well. It’s refreshing to go in a different direction. It obviously
opens a lot more doors. 

The Evacuate album had a lot of songs on there that were
similar to the stuff we’ve done in the past, but we did mix it up with slightly
slower, poppier tracks and we’re going to go in that direction a little while
longer. I’m enjoying it! 

Your songs always have
pretty hefty bass lines. Can you imagine ever slowing things down and doing a

I personally would be a big fan of that but, to be able to
do that, there are certain strategies and marketing behind it. You have to have
a concept. If you’re a dance act, it’s difficult to then all of a sudden bring
out a ballad. It shocked enough people that we brought out Evacuate after doing
a song like Every Time We Touch. I think at the moment it might be too much to
bring out a ballad, but I would personally be a big fan of that. I’d love to be
able to grab a ballad from the album and perform it somewhere. Standing in
front of the microphone and not move? For a singer, that’s just a great thing
to do. 

Last year, you supported
Britney on her Circus Tour in Berlin.
How did you find opening for a pop princess?

It was cool! It was one of those milestones you never
forget. I didn’t meet her or anything. She’s obviously very private, which is
understandable after all that she’s gone through and the scandals. It was a
great stage, great lighting, though we didn’t get to use any of her props! But
it was like, ‘Wow! We’re on Britney’s stage!’ It was definitely a cool

Evacuate the
Dancefloor was a very successful single in the UK
and also the US.
What was it about that song do you think that clicked with people?


I think if we knew then we’d go that way every time! I think
that we definitely hit it on the head with the sound. I think it has a dark
feel as well as being very dancey. It’s very catchy. What I find embarrassing
is that sometimes I find myself singing it in my head! It’s a great song and it
went down really well with the clubbers and the kids.


The song kept Michael
Jackson off the top spot. That’s quite an achievement, beating the King of Pop…


La Roux and Michael Jackson were our competition. I’m the
sort of the person who thinks it’s just not going to happen and I was really
sad about Michael passing. That was really emotional for me, so I wasn’t even
thinking about hitting No. 1. It’s a huge honour to be No. 1 in a place like
the UK.


What’s next for

We never have any particular plans. We spend all year
touring different countries. I’m on a plane every two days. There will be a new
album out someday. I couldn’t even say if it will be this year. 

Can we expect a
follow-up single after Pyromania though?

We’ve got one song under-wraps that I can’t tell you about!
It goes in the direction of Pyromania and Evacuate. Its one of my favourite
tracks and its really cool, and that will probably be our next single in a few

 The single Pyromania
is out now.