Lianne La Havas' year in review

Lianne shares her best and worst memories of 2012

Mon 17 Dec 2012

It's been a brilliant year for talented newcomer Lianne La Havas.

Her debut album, Is Your Love Big Enough?, garnered mass critical acclaim, climbed to No 4 on UK charts and was short-listed for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize

Read below as we chat with the singer-songwriter - whose smile shines as brightly as her talent - about the best and worst moments of her first year in the spotlight. 

Best gig

I played in Los Angeles in May – that was the best gig of my life, I think. There was a certain energy about it that I’ve not felt before. And the crowd that was there was incredible. It felt like a second home, because a lot of the record was recorded there. It felt interestingly special that night. 

Best holiday

I went to Cyprus for three days before my birthday this year and that was great. 

Summer anthem

Probably Running by Jessie Ware. The original and the Disclosure remix. 

Most memorable sunset

It’s gotta be an LA sunset – again in May when I was there. We were recording with Matt Hales, who lives in Pasedena, and he happens to live in the foothills of the mountain, so we have amazing views when we’re up there. 

Most memorable sunrise 

Oh, the other night/day. My house. We’d been at my friend’s birthday party, and it was one of those ones where you just stay up all night chatting. And then we saw the sunrise and we were wearing animal onesies, so it was just good fun. 

Worst night's sleep

I find it really difficult to sleep when flying, so when I was coming back from Denver, Colorado a few months ago, that was really difficult. It was a night flight, and I just couldn’t sleep at all. And my nose was blocked, and it was really loud, and there was no ear plugs or anything, and my headphones didn’t work. 

Most romantic moment

Probably when my boyfriend told me he loved me, for the 300th time. We were at a friend’s wedding, actually. It was really, really really romantic being at the wedding, saying that. 

Most difficult moment

It was an early morning singing appointment. I was meant to be doing a session for an online thing, and it was a very early start, and I’d been singing the whole day before and rehearsing and I played a gig in the evening. And I woke up and I just couldn’t sing at all, and I had to do this thing, and I just sang and nothing came out. And I started crying. 

Funniest moment

I was on Never Mind the Buzzcocks… and I mean, they are so brilliant - everyone. I was on Noel’s team and Example was hosting... That was the most I’d laughed in a long time. 

Interview by: Trent Maynard meets Lianne La Havas


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