What you get with Monkey

Find out what you get by joining Monkey

Tue 22 Nov 2011

We've teamed up with Orange to bring you Monkey - an amazing pay as you go animal package. It's easy to join, and once you top up by £5 you can get all this good stuff:

Free music

Monkey gives you access to hundreds of thousands of tracks - all for just £5 top up. Try the Monkey player demo.

Mobile music

Listen for free on any mobile. No need for 3G, wireless, or internet connection - all you need is your phone.

Unlimited texts

You can get unlimited texts for only £5 a month. Find out how right here.

Free internet

Get your daily internet pass in one click from your mobile browser. Easy peasy. Find out more.

Playlists galore

Make your own, listen to your mates' or check out celebrity playlists picked by stars like 50 Cent and Cheryl Cole. Check out our celebrity playlists.

Share music

Send your playlists to your mates' mobiles or share online. Plus, get your friends to follow you on the Monkey music player.

All the exclusives

Get the latest pre-released tracks, interviews, special session recordings and competitions. Preview our exclusive videos.

News and goodies

Sneaky offers, freebies and news delivered straight to your mobile from the coolest brands we know.

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