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Rihanna breaks records with her broken heart

Wed 14 Dec 2011

3) Rihanna - We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris

Rihanna smashed UK and US records with the release of We Found Love, the first single from her sixth studio album, Talk That Talk. The collaboration with Scottish singer Calvin Harris secured her position as the only artist to ever score six No 1s in five consecutive years. It also became her 20th Top 20 single.

The video for We Found Love began raising eyebrows long before its release, after the Northern Irish farmer who owned the field she was shooting in complained about her running around topless. Rihanna reportedly shook the farmer's hand and agreed to button up, but she still pushed the envelope - every envelope - in the final cut. 

Featuring images of heavy drug use, smoking (an entire pack of fags in one go), drinking and violence, the video depicts an addictive, all-consuming relationship that the singer struggles to break free from. 

Many critics and fans drew comparisons between the video and her relationship with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, but regardless, the video stands alone as a poignant warning against the dangers of domestic abuse.

And in the end, We Found Love is also one of the Bajan beauty's most infectious, textured dance hits to date. We can't imagine a stronger finish to her chart-topping year, nor a better start to her new album. 

Watch the video for We Found Love here.

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