Cheryl Cole gets angry on new song

Track rumoured to be about ex Ashley

Thu 29 Mar 2012

Track rumoured to be about ex Ashley

Details of a new song by Cheryl Cole have emerged, and it doesn't sound pretty. 

The Sun has reported that Chezza has recorded a track called Screw You and it's aimed directly at ex hubby Ashley Cole, who famously cheated on his missus multiple times. 

The break-up song is said to include the lyrics: "Can't believe all the **** I did for you, was so caught up in the love I felt for you. I was never enough, I never got your love.

"I loved you so much but you never gave a **** so screw you. I can still remember our first date, never thought I would scream 'I hate you'."

Hmmm catchy... 

So, could this be the long-awaited first single from Cheryl's new album? She has already said the record is finished, so it's now only a matter of time before we get to hear just what she's been up to in the studio. 

Perhaps Screw You will turn out to be Cheryl's third No 1? 

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