Chris Brown previews Turn Up The Music video

Grammy winner gives fans behind-the-scenes look

Wed 15 Feb 2012

Grammy winner gives fans behind-the-scenes look 

Chris Brown has released a behind-the-scenes preview of his music video for new single Turn Up The Music 

Busting some serious moves in a club setting with a group of dancers, the preview also shows Chris Brown pulling off a complex dance routine in the rain.

It's no surprise that Brown should want to hype up the video. Not only is it for the lead single from his upcoming album, Fortune, but he is also making his directorial debut. Oh and it also contains some cool animal masks - which always makes for a great video in our opinion...

Turn Up The Music will hopefully continue Chris Brown's current wave of success, following winning a Grammy Award for Best R&B Album last Sunday. 

The single is due out on March 26th.

Watch the preview below - are you excited? 

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