Chris Martin kisses Gwyneth Paltrow during gig

The Coldplay frontman embarrrasses his film star wife

Thu 5 Jul 2012

The Coldplay frontman embarrrasses his film star wife

Do you like a healthy dose of celeb PDA? Well, feast your eyes on this footage. 

We've had Bieber and Selena smooching at a basketball game, Posh and Becks getting caught on KissCam and JLo getting pretty up close and personal whilst performing with toy boy Casper Smart.

Now, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow have been caught at it too. A video has been published online, showing the Coldplay frontman kissing his wife during a recent gig in Miami.

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The 30 second vid, which was posted on YouTube, shows Chris running through the crowds to find his wife.

After being guided through by a member of security, Chris plants a big sloppy kiss on an embarrassed Gwyn - leaving her red faced and coy in the crowd.

The Princess of China singer must have been pretty tired after having to run up and down those stairs, plus that must have been a pretty long instrumental for the audience to listen to! But was it worth it?

The audience seemed to love it. What do you think about this PDA?

Is it sweet or should Chris have saved his energy for a smooch after the show?

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