Eminem loses hip hop Twitter crown

Find out who's taken over as top of the hip hop Twitterati

Thu 2 Feb 2012

Find out who's taken over as top of the hip hop Twitterati

Years ago, it was all about the music charts for artists. Nowadays, musicians not only have the pressure of chart success to consider, but social media domination.

Eminem lost his crown last month as the head of the hip hop Twitterati and fellow rapper Nicki Minaj took the crown to become Twitter Queen.

Plus, the chance of Eminem regaining the top spot looks 'Slim' as it looks like Nicki is going to keep her newly bestowed crown for the foreseeable future. Her followers are increasing by the thousands as we write...

As of today the numbers reveal that Nicki has 8,889,730 followers and Eminem has a paltry 8,757,369 followers (a few more than us though!). It has to be said that Eminem has done well to keep his crown so long, since he has only ever tweeted 176 times compared to chatty Minaj, who has posted 9,813 tweets.

The pair worked together on Nicki's debut album, Pink Friday, on the track, Roman's Revenge. Will we see Eminem fans get THEIR revenge by following him back to the Twitter top spot? We'll just have to wait and see...

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