Example blames organisers for festival cancellations

Has the market become overcrowded?

Tue 3 Apr 2012

Has the market has become overcrowded?

It's become a tradition in the UK. With more summer festivals than anywhere else in the world, Brits look forward to the festival season almost more than the festive season.

After loading up the car with camping gear, wellies, rain coats, sun hats, wet wipes and other festival essentials, you would have thought we were going on a two week holiday, not a three day music extravaganza.

However, with the cancellation of one of our biggest rock festivals, Sonisphere, last week, does this spell the end of the now struggling festival craze?

Example thinks it does. He played at more festivals than any other artist last year and feels that the organisation behind the events is at fault and that the market has become overcrowded.

He told BBC newsbeat: "A lot were promoted badly, had bad security, were in bad locations or the line-ups hadn't been programmed well, so they didn't make sense.

"Some of them had a great theme, a great location and great line-up and the people running them knew what they were doing. And there were other ones which seemed to me were really amateur.

"There was a boom a few years ago. Every second person wherever you went was starting a festival in the UK. Anyone whose Dad owned a farm. Obviously a lot of them are starting to go under."

He does, however concede that there will always be a demand for festivals adding: "There's still a demand for people to go to festivals even with the economy and the state that it's in."

What do you think? Is the market overcrowded at the moment? Are the organisers to blame? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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