Example's new album is coming soon

It should be ready next month

Thu 19 Jan 2012

It should be ready next month

Example has revealed that his new album is coming along so well that it should be ready next month.

Speaking to Capital FM, the Kickstarts singer explained that he has finished 7 tracks for the new record so far:

"I've just done number seven today. I've flown from Sydney to Melbourne now. I've just finished another song so by the time I come back to the UK in the middle of February I think most of the new album will be done."

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It's no wonder the singer is looking to ride the wave of last year's success. Example had a No 1 album, two consecutive No 1 singles, a sold out headline UK tour, and has kicked off 2012 by inking a US record deal, being nominated for a BRIT, and all before another UK tour begins in April. Phew!

He's also been busy penning songs for not only himself, but other artists too. Example has written a song called Chasing the Sun for The Wanted, and thinks it will help them break the States

We're looking forward to hearing just what Example has been up to in the studio, and it sounds like it won't be long until we find out! 

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