First listen: Cover Drive's Sparks

Will it be another No 1?

Fri 9 Mar 2012

Will it be another No 1? 

They topped the charts with Twilight - can Cover Drive do it again with their new single? 

Sparks will be released on 22nd April, preceding their debut album Bajan Style. 

Cover Drive have already revealed that they have been working with producers behind the hits of artists such as Rihanna and Jason Derulo, so it certainly bodes well. 

And the single itself? 

Amanda sings about being "happy to see you / setting me off like sparks," to a driving beats and a smattering of piano. A subtler follow-up than party track Twilight, it shows a different side to Cover Drive and wouldn't sound out of place on a Rihanna album. 

What do you think? Check out Sparks below...

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