First listen: The Saturdays ft. Sean Paul - What About Us

UK girl pop meets Jamaican dancehall

Thu 13 Dec 2012

UK girl pop meets Jamaican dancehall

We've been waiting for this for what feels like an eternity, but finally our favourite UK girl group (sorry Cheryl and co) have premiered their brand new single.

What About Us features Sean Paul and will be the girls' first stab at conquering the US.

Earlier this year, Jamaican reggae star Sean Paul gave us his She Doesn't Mind video, which to our alarm trivialised sexual harrassment in airports. When we heard that he was working with our girls, therefore, if we're totally honest, we were a little worried.

The result, however, is actually quite enjoyable. We just hope he doesn't feature in the video getting all sleazy, or start rapping about how Saturday is his favourite day of the week. That would be too predictable, after all.

The track is a mid-tempo electro-pop affair with a bucket-load of synth thrown in for good measure. It's quite good, but we wonder if they should reconsider this single choice if they truly want to launch an invasion on America's charts.

Listen to their new tune below.

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