First listen: The Wanted - Chasing The Sun

It's fun, lively and exhilarating

Thu 5 Apr 2012

It's fun, lively and exhilarating

There's a big buzz on Twitter this morning, and it's all about The Wanted's new single Chasing The Sun.

Written and produced by Example, it's upbeat, exhilarating, anthemic and packed full of power and energy.

Example's excited, he's tweeted: "Thanks for all your feedback on the new Wanted single... about 95% positive i'd say. Time for some sugary cereal goodness."

In fact the hashtag, #ThankYouExample, is the No 1 trending topic worldwide. Time to splash out on two bowls of sugary cereal goodness this morning Example. Treat yourself, you've done well.

The Wanted are excited too. They've posted: "thank you so much for all the amazing feedback on #ChasingTheSun!"

The guys previously talked to DigitalSpy about working with Example saying: "He sent a few before that didn't quite make it, but we've got one from him now that we absolutely love.

"Tom has it on his iPod and it's now become his most played song on there! We're hopefully going to record the track this week. It's actually similar in some ways to Glad You Came."

What do you think of the new tune? Could it be your most played on your iPod? Let us know what you think of it by commenting below.

Chasing The Sun is due for a UK release on 20 May.

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