Has Sugababes' Amelle gone solo?

She's thought to have started recording a solo album

Fri 13 Jan 2012

Amelle Berrabah is thought to have started recording a solo album

Rumours about the Sugababes have been running high this week. With their comeback single flopping, a new album nowhere in sight and Heidi turning to talent show TV, just what is happening with the 'Babes? 

The latest news is that Amelle is in studio - on her own. The singer has revealed that she is currently working on solo material, and thinks she may already have a hit on her hands. 

Berrabah tweeted: "Right got everything I need and about 2 leave 4 studio! Can't wait 2 get these ideas out of my head and hear what they sound like! (sic)"

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She later messaged producer Pete Kirtley: "See u soon! Can't wait 2 finish THE track!"

Kirtley then responded: "yep this record is going to be a big hit in 2012! Ssshhhh!"

A few hours later after the pair had started work on the new song, Berrabah teased: "This track is ridiculous!!! In a good way!"

It is not the first time Amelle has gone solo. She went to No 1 with Tinchy Stryder in 2009 with the single Never Leave You. 

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