Introducing Ben Montague

Fresh from touring with The Wanted and ready for chart success

Thu 23 Aug 2012

Fresh from touring with The Wanted and ready for chart success

So, some of you may well be very familiar with Ben Montague. But for those of you who are not, let us introduce this new super-cool singer-songwriter into your lives.

Ben was recently thrust into limelight when he was asked to support The Wanted on their biggest ever UK arena tour. Since then, he has gained an incredibly loyal fan base and has been working his backside off in order to match the success of the boy band he toured with.

Love Like Stars, Ben's debut single, was released earlier this year and now he's back with brand new tune, Another Hard Fall. 

We caught up with the guitar-playing indie-pop singer to find out a little bit more about his bid for chart success.

You’re gearing up to release Another Hard Fall. What’s it all about? It sounds

Ha ha…a bit
painful, yeah. I wrote the song a week after I broke up with a girl, so the
lyrics are a little bit raw. But the song itself is kinda positive and is about
picking yourself up when you get knocked down. Hopefully, something everyone can
relate to in their day to day life.

Emeli Sande has expressed an interest in you and your music. Is she your
first celeb fan? Or have you got a long list of showbiz friends and fans?

I know. I was
so chuffed! I did a version of her song Heaven - which I love - and she tweeted
me saying how much she liked it. I nearly dropped my phone in the sink when it
popped up on my news feed. I am a huge fan of hers and would love to tour or
even collaborate with Emeli. I've been so lucky to play with and support some
amazing famous musicians, who've become friends after. 

Well now you've mentioned touring, you and Lawson opened up for The Wanted on their UK arena tour. We imagine that was a pretty big
moment, opening a gig in front of thousands and thousands of screaming fans.
How did you feel when you got offered the support slot?

It was
incredible. I finished recording the album on the 21 December and got a call
on the 23 December saying I was supporting The Wanted. 
I spent most of
Christmas just looking at all the amazing dates and venues I was going to be
playing at! Have to be honest, I think I bought some pretty dodgy presents for
everyone that year as I was on cloud nine and only thinking about the tour.

We’ve heard there was a lot of partying on the tour. Which of The
Wanted boys was the biggest party animal and why?

Ha ha, not
really. Just the end of tour party, which was a big one. I think Tom is probably
the biggest party animal in the band. He cracked me up!

Which of The Wanted boys would you like to have as a best mate? And which would
you call on if you needed advice?

I really got
on well with Siva, a great guy and very down to earth. We spoke a few times
about music and writing. All of the boys are very, very talented guys. I felt
privileged to be on stage supporting them.

Aside from touring with others, you’ve got another set of solo gigs coming up
soon – what can we expect from seeing you live?

Yeah, I
can't wait to get back out on the road. I've got a 25 date UK tour starting
on the 15 September. It is going to be a great show - me and my band, lots of
high energy tracks and some nice ballads. Plus, I always like to chuck in a cover
or two. I think the best thing about my gigs is that I try and make them as
relaxed and as personal as possible. I like to chat with the audience and get
them singing along wherever I can.

You were spotted by a plugger back in 2010 and have said you expected loads of
interest and success, which didn’t necessarily come straight away. Do you think
that has improved you and your talent, and also kept you grounded? It may
have taken a couple of years but now it’s all happening!

Definitely. I also think everything happens for a reason and I feel so lucky to have this
amazing opportunity now. I still have to pinch myself every now and again. If
someone had said to me in 2011, this time next year you will have toured with
The Wanted and Lawson, have your album coming out, and be doing interviews with
4Music, I would be like SHUT... UP.... 
But seriously, I have made some amazing new
fans and I hope that I can keep delivering music they like.

What can we expect after the single and after your September tour? Christmas No
1? Arena tour in 2013?

I would love
to write a Christmas song but I think that would be more for 2014. I have my
tour in September and October this year and then I have another single called Deep End (one of my favourite tracks on the album) coming out to end 2012. Then the
album finally comes out at the start of 2013. I would love to do a
theatre tour at some point and maybe one day I can fill up the Royal Albert Hall.

Another Hard Fall is released 27 August.

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