JLS begin work on new album

We predict what to expect from their fifth album...

Tue 26 Mar 2013

We predict what to expect from their fifth album...

JLS have confirmed they are heading off to LA (where else?) to record their fifth album. Yes, fifth album. 

Their last album Evolution was released in November 2012 and peaked at No 3 in the UK album charts.

Marvin confirmed to the Daily Star Playlist that the boys were about to work on a follow-up. “We’re booked in to go to LA and work with Rodney Jerkins again and are looking at some new people too.”

“We’ll pool all our energy into new material and already have great stuff.”

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So, what can we expect? Here are our predictions...

The lead single will be a big, epic dancefloor-filler

Sure, Proud was nice enough but a mid-tempo track about empowerment doesn't get us spilling our drinks. With massive hits like Beat Again and She Makes Me Wanna, we know the boys can do it. 

The boys will return to their roots

Vocoders and Californian music videos aside, JLS are British boys at heart. We think they'll go back to their roots and rediscover the sound of first album, 2009's JLS. 

JLS will grow up

It seems like Evolution may have got slightly lost in the whirlwind that was One Direction mania last year. Aston and the boys are no longer teenagers, and the younger fans now have their hearts set on Harry Styles. Album numero five could see JLS mature from teen boy band to serious music heavyweights. 

The album will feature a big-name collaboration

JLS have collaborated with Tinie Tempah and Dev in the past. We think another one is on the cards. Will it be a US superstar like Chris Brown or Rihanna? A homegrown talent like Conor Maynard, perhaps? Or a complete curveball with someone like Kylie

These are our predictions. What do you want to hear from JLS fifth time around? 

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