Katy Perry premieres Part Of Me video

Singer goes commando

Thu 22 Mar 2012

Katy Perry premieres the new video for her latest single Part Of Me

Katy Perry had previously released a 25 second trailer for the music video, but now fans can see the whole thing. And we gotta say, we love it already.

The video starts with Katy spying her boyfriend getting close to a female colleague. She's clearly dating a cheat of a boyfriend, and we quickly learn she simply won't take it any longer! 

Perry storms into his office to tell him their relationship is over and we are treated to a little bit of Katy Perry acting. She's quite good. Next stop, Hollywood?

Anyway, this incident seems to transform her life and, vowing never to be messed around again, she joins the army, like you do!

The rest of the video was filmed at a Military Corps base in California and sees Katy covered in war paint, brandishing a large gun. We wouldn't want to mess with her, she looks fierce.

Not many people can pull off a hard hat, but she totally rocks it.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments. 

Katy Perry promises to tell the truth

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