Katy Perry's next album to be acoustic?

Singer thinks "it would be stupid to recreate Teenage Dream"

Mon 5 Mar 2012

Singer thinks "it would be stupid to recreate Teenage Dream"

After all the candy canes and bubblegum pop of her last album, it seems Katy Perry has no intention of recreating this sugary type of album again. 

Speaking to Interview magazine, Katy has revealed she is thinking of going in a musical direction deliberately different that it can't be compared to her massive sophomore success.

The Firework singer says she would like to incorporate a more acoustic feel on her next record, and has confessed that she feels pressure to follow-up on the success of Teenage Dream. 

Katy said: "I've been thinking about my future and what the next move is in terms of what I need to do. I think it would be pretty stupid to try and redo this last record that had all of this success. Maybe it's time to do something that's different that can't be compared.

"I just feel like I'm going to be criticised regardless of what I do next, so I might as well do something that I feel really passionate about.

Katy added: "I don't even know if I could ever re-create that last record." 

The singer has previously said that her next album will be "real dark".

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