McFly admit "One Direction are more rock 'n' roll than we are!"

Plus see the guys transformed into 80-year-olds...

Tue 13 Nov 2012

Plus see the guys transformed into 80-year-olds...

McFly proved they're up for a laugh as they dressed up as 80-year-olds for this week's heat magazine. 

The lads ditched their trendy clothes in favour of woolies, slacks and white facial hair in the photo shoot which sees them hanging out in their local. There's even a zimmer frame involved to add to the authenticity. Instead of being embarrassed by their new look, the McFly boys were proud of their sudden age transformation and apparently were enthusiastically texting pics during the shoot to their other halves. What do you think?

During the interview they talked about their new YMCA matching tattoos. Tom said: "It’s become a bit of an LA tradition to go to the worst tattoo shop ever and get a stupid foot tattoo." However Tom remained tight-lipped when asked about the meaning of the tattoo, saying: “I can’t tell you anything just yet.”

Dougie jumped in to reveal: "We’ve always found that song funny. We play it before we go onstage. A lot of thought went into that tattoo: the positioning, the font…"

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McFly have just returned from the US where they've been partying with One Direction. Tom admitted: "They’re probably more rock ‘n’ roll than we are. Niall’s a funny guy."

Harry added: "Me and Danny had a late night with Niall. I went to bed at 3.30am."

To which Tom said: "I went to bed and they were still playing music."

Harry continued: "Tom was on his balcony and Niall said,'Tom, come play some songs!' You were angry at the situation, because you wanted to go to bed."

Tom: "I wanted to chill out.”

Harry: "But instead you went, [puts on a grandad voice] “No, I’m going to bed!"

Don't you wish you had been there to party with McFly and One Direction? We certainly do!

The full interview appears in this week’s heat magazine which is on sale now

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