Nelly Furtado reveals meaning behind new single

Are you ready for Bigger The Better (Big Hoops)?

Tue 8 May 2012

Are you ready for Bigger The Better (Big Hoops)? 

It's been six years since Nelly Furtado Maneater-ed her way to the top of the charts, her album Loose a massve success. Now she's back with a brand new single - but what it's about? 

Nelly Furtado revealed that Big Hoops (Bigger The Better) was inspired by her childhood and the cocky attitude she had as a teenager.

Speaking of the hip-hop sound, Nelly explained that she had to seek out the genre when growing up in Canada: 

"Hip-hop was super-exotic to us in Canada. Because we were near the south, we could get some of the radio stations from Seattle."

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"I remember attaching a wire clothing hanger to the antenna of my radio in my bedroom, so I could get the frequency and get that station and listen to the top 10 every night. It was very liberating, finding that confidence through the music."

Referring to the lead single from her album, Furtado added that she wanted to represent that sense of confidence by including hip hop elements into the track such as quoting Salt-N-Pepa lyrics, to ensure it came through strongly:

"That's what Big Hoops is about... I'm channelling my 14-year-old self. She's thinking about putting on her big hoop earrings and baggy pants and going to the mall downtown."

It's good to have you back, Nelly!

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