Olly Murs wants to be 6th member of One Direction

He admits "no-one has a clue who I am" in the US

Thu 29 Mar 2012

Singer admits "no-one has a clue who I am" in the US

It seems everyone wants a slice of the action now that One Direction are finding fame and fortune Stateside, including a certain Olly Murs

Olly has confirmed he will support the One Thing boys on their upcoming North American tour in May, and confessed that he hopes he'll get the same attention as the sixth member of the band. 

The Heart Skips a Beat singer told BBC Breakfast: "The girls in America and the UK are falling in love with them. I'm hoping this sixth member will get as much love over there. No-one knows me over there, no-one has a clue who I am.

"To get the 'Brucie bonus' and to go on tour with the boys in Northern America, is amazing. I look at the boys as five Justin Biebers." 

Olly has been quick to add though that he's going to the US to "have some fun, but my home is in the UK." 

So, will Olly's Dance with Me Tonight have the same success across the pond, or could American fans start to feel Brit pop overkill? Our fingers are crossed for you, Olly! 

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