One Direction US interview

The guys chat about being compared with The Beatles & Justin Bieber

Thu 15 Mar 2012

The guys chat about being compared with The Beatles, adored like Justin Bieber, Simon Cowell's advice and their dream collaboration...

The One Direction lads are enjoying their Stateside success and the US media are clamouring over each other to secure an interview with the guys. Here's a video interview with E! News.

About being adored like Justin Bieber, Liam says it's "incredible", Louis says they're having a "great time in the States".

When asked about being compared with The Beatles due to "the screams", Louis see's it as a "compliment" and "surreal". 

Liam explains how they got together and have each made "four best mates" and Zayn looks as if he's going to cry...

Zayn then talks about Simon Cowell's advice to the group which was "to be the group that we wanted to be" and then adds "here we are" - they certainly are...

Harry explains that "it's important to make good music" and why they've gone for "pop-driven guitar music".

And their dream collaboration? He's got the charisma and the voice, but you'll have to watch the video below to find out who he is...

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