One Direction make a cool £10 million

Looks like Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis are set for life

Mon 16 Apr 2012

Looks like Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis are set for life

Reports have surfaced that Uncle Si (that's Simon Cowell to the rest of us) is giving each of the One Direction boys a hefty sum of £2 million in earnings for the seven months of hard work they just completed. 

If their good looks weren't enough to keep the boys surrounded by female fans, this should just about seal the deal with the remainder of the world's female population. According to website The People, a "source close to the boys" said: "Simon Cowell wants them to know what they deserve. They have been a massive success, what they have achieved is phenomenal. Simon thinks they are the hardest working people in pop at the moment.

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They have made him an absolute fortune and he is incredibly proud.

He always saw potential in them and now it’s paying off. Girls across the globe simply love them."

This news is not a huge shock to those who've followed their recent jaunt around the US - they've topped the Billboard charts, hit a million US sales with What Makes You Beautiful, are playing Madison Square Garden in New York, and can't go anywhere without being mobbed.

Congrats, boys! 

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