One Direction talk about life on the road

They spill the beans on private jokes and who's the grumpiest

Wed 29 May 2013

They spill the beans on private jokes and who's the grumpiest

Having spent almost all of the past three years living together, eating together, travelling together and performing together, you would have thought that the One Direction lads are sick and tired of each other.

But luckily for Directioners, the boys actually get on really well.

In an interview with Top Of The Pops magazine, Liam Payne reveals that the five boys just have a laugh.

When asked if they ever argue, Liam told them: “We all get on really well well and just have a laugh.

“It’s like a group of kids at school having private jokes that the teachers aren’t in on.

“I’m not going to lie and say that we don’t have arguments because everyone has arguments, especially when you’re all thrown together into a situation, but it’s surprising how well we do get on.”

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Harry Styles has previously said that any bickering is usually centered around food. He said: “To be honest, we don’t argue very much at all,

“If we do, it’s about silly things like where we’re going for dinner!”

Louis puts One Direction fans' fears that they may break up to rest by adding: “I couldn’t see us having a big enough argument to split,”

However, Niall exposes Louis as the crabbiest saying “But if anyone’s likely to bicker in the group, it would be Louis!”

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