Pixie Lott - Kiss The Stars video

It's bright and very catchy...

Tue 10 Jan 2012

Pixie is joined by a troupe of gleaming robotic dancers in her new video for Kiss The Stars

Pixie Lott has unveiled her latest video for Kiss The Stars. It will be the third release from the 20-year-old's second album, Young Foolish Happy, and be warned - it's catchy.

The singer recently revealed that she didn't feel she had "to dress more sexily to sell records." However, with her newly straightened hair and hot leotards we don't think she's needs to try any harder anyway.

Pixie shows off her dance moves in this futuristic visual delight and is joined by a horde of shiny dancers. A kiss from Pixie changes one of her robots into a hunky male dancer just like the fairy tale that involved a frog and a prince - well almost...

Kiss The Stars is due for release on 29 January

What do you think of the video?  Is it a hit with you?  Let us know by commenting below.

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