Pixie Lott reveals what makes a guy good-looking

Plus she talks about her recent sexy transformation

Thu 5 Jan 2012

She should know: her boyfriend is a model 

Pixie Lott has revealed what makes a guy good-looking, and what she thinks of her own sexy new image. 

Pixie is currently dating male model Oliver Cheshire. The pair met at a fashion show for Vivienne Westwood. 

The singer told Cosmopolitan: "You know when you meet someone and they’re really warm and friendly. He was like that. So we became friends and it went from there.”

So does it take model looks to attract Pixie's attention? 

“It doesn’t matter how good-looking you are either, if you’re boring and have nothing to say, or arrogant, that would be it. That’s the worst. I like guys who are gentlemanly, have manners and are funny. That makes anyone better-looking.”

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And what about Pixie's own good looks? The leggy blonde has undergone a sexy transformation of late. 

The singer told Cosmopolitan: “I’ve never felt any pressure to change the way I look, or to dress more sexily to sell records. In fact, as you can see, I have the opposite problem!”

“Sexiness definitely comes from the inside, though – if you feel comfortable, you feel sexier and more confident. But if you’re wearing something you’re not sure about, you end up feeling self-conscious, and I think that shows.”

“I’ve definitely grown up a lot (since turning 21) although I think my identity is still the same. I always had quite a strong sense of what I liked and didn’t like and I don’t think that has changed.”

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